Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lasagna a la Leftovers!

Lasagna a la Leftovers!

We've had a busy week house hunting, (eating crap while on the road) and I was craving something comforting as well as nourishing so I decided to throw together a lasagna for dinner tonight.   Using the tofu basil ricotta recipe from The Post Punk Kitchen and digging through the bottom of my vegetable drawer, I came up with a couple of old zucchinis and some mushrooms to use add some interest.   I had just enough leftover homemade tomato-vegetable sauce languishing in the fridge to make this work.   I sliced and roasted the zucchinis for a bit and then sauteed an onion with the mushrooms.  Layering as follows; sauce, noodles, zucchini, the tofu-ricotta mixture and then more sauce followed by noodles, mushroom and onions, tofu-ricotta, sauce, noodles and then the remainder of my Daiya cheese.   Not bad!   Next time I'll leave off the Daiya cheese.  I don't think I'm a fan and I figured out why tonight.   It has this strange almost sweet flavour that doesn't sit well with me.  I can live without it. 


  1. Oh Lee, what a great looking lasagna - a comfort food for sure!


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