About Me

I'm a mother, a bookworm, an unashamed cookbook collector and of course I love to cook.  Veganism has completely inspired me, I have never been so on fire in the kitchen.  I never imagined that it was possible to create so many satisfying and interesting dishes that did not involve cruelty to animals.  It's a whole new world of food to explore and I'm enjoying the journey.  My life was so limited before I made this choice and now I can't imagine going back to eating hunks of meat on a plate accompanied by some boring starch and a few vegetables.  I particularly enjoy trying my hand at the cuisine of the far east and India but am also eager to explore foods from all over the world.  You will find an eclectic mix here on these pages.

I have a wonderful husband and daughter to cook for and their continued good health is of utmost importance.  We try to strike a healthy balance between nutritious meals while still satisfying our desire for occasional treats.  

A note about this blog:   I do not post recipes copied from any of my cookbooks without the permission of the authors.  I only post recipes that I have created myself or substantially changed/adapted from others.   Respecting copyright and the hard work of others is important to me.  If I find the recipe published online, I will post the link to the original site.