Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly Vegan Cooking Challenge

Weekly Vegan Cookbook Challenge

As a fun way to expand my palate, step outside my comfort zone, introduce my family to some tasty new dishes and of course actually use the cookbooks I own (instead of just drooling over the photos), I am creating a vegan cooking challenge and would love for others to join me.   I am particularly interested in hearing how children respond to your recipes so if you are a parent, I would love to know if the recipes are kid approved.

How you can participate:

Once a week, make one new recipe.  It can be from your cookbook collection (with credit to the author please) or an original creation and post about it on your blog. At the end of the week, I will post a roundup on my blog of all the participants’ dishes and for those of you who do not have a blog I will be happy to post your photos and reviews here on a separate page.

On your blog, please mention this challenge on your post and also link to this page so others can join in the fun! 
If you are interested in participating, please send an email to with the following information:

1. Your location
2. Your Blog URL
3. Your recipe name
4. Your recipe link (the URL of the blog page on which it’s posted)
5. The source of your recipe


  1. I'm in, and Christine might be, too! I actually baked something tonight, just for the challenge!

  2. Wow! That's great Jeannette. I can't wait to see what you've made. I'm probably going to make my challenge meal on the weekend because it's my husband's birthday. I will also attempt a new cake recipe.

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband. I will send a photo and a text file tomorrow (I hope). Happy cooking and baking.

  4. Okay great! I will post yours and mine by Sunday night.

  5. Hi, Lee! Lisa told me about this and it looks like fun. My blog is a bit neglected, as are my many cookbooks.

    I have a suggestion for your list of reliable nutrition information: The Vegetarian Resource Group (

  6. Hi Bobbi, we'd love to have you join us if you're interested! We are starting this week but if you're not ready just send me a note when you are. The more the merrier.

    Thanks for the nutrition link, I will check it out!

  7. I can see myself doing this after I try a few things first. I'm not a gifted chef, haha!

  8. Christine, you know you want to! It doesn't matter if you're not a gifted chef. That's not what it's all about. Everyone is at different place and even if you just try a new smoothie recipe you are expanding your horizons! And it's so much fun!

  9. A smoothie make this sound so simple. Hmmmmm.....I'm thinking about it now.

  10. I've got my little blog going so I can now post comments here and I'm very excited to be joining you! I hope to have some recipes to share soon :-)

  11. Yay! I'm so excited you will be joining us Kathryn. I usually do the challenge post for Jeannette and myself by Sunday Night or Monday. I will link to yours in my post.


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