Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We rarely eat out but tonight we met my old friend friend Jane for dinner at one of Toronto's best known Vegan restaurants called Fresh.  It was a very busy place and I was tempted to try many items especially from the rice/noodle bowl selection.  I settled on the green goddess bowl with soba noodles in a tahini sauce.  It was loaded down with broccoli, bok choy, kale, grilled tempeh, pickled ginger, toasted nori, sunflower seeds and a ginger tamari sauce.  Super tasty! 

The menu is casual focusing on wraps, veggie burgers, rice bowls, salads etc.  The portions are large.   The garlic mayo was delicious as a dip for the french fries and at the table beside us I spied an order of quinoa battered onion rings that I wanted to kidnap.  We were too stuffed for dessert but after hearing my friend  Elizabeth rave about the chocolate cupcakes with lavender icing I decided to take one home.  Maggie and I split it and neither of us were impressed with the flavour of the frosting nor the quality and size of the cupcake.  I thought the cake was on the oily side.  I definitely prefer my own baking, I can make a mean cupcake. 

Green goddess bowl

Maggie enjoyed a big bowl of fries (thumbs up) chased down with a raspberry, banana and mango smoothie.


  1. That looks good! One of the benefits of living in a big city.

  2. Absolutely! There are a number of vegan restaurants that we look forward to trying.

  3. Maggie is adorable! That green goddess bowl looks wonderful!

  4. Thanks Joy! It's too bad you can't see all the yummy noodles underneath. The kale kind of took over the bowl on top!

  5. thanks for reminding me about fresh. we should try rawlicious one day (in the junction).

  6. Sure! I'd love to try it. We actually went again today with my brother and sister-in law. I was thrilled because Maggie ate some sprouts after seeing another little boy munching them at the table next to us.


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